Ask Kaisa: What Is Your Favorite “Go-To” Product & Service?

My favorite “Go-To” product is Oxygentix!

I’m basically a lazy skincare person and cannot tolerate using 7-10 products a day. Oxygentix was made originally by a physician to be used after a strong laser treatment, such as Fraxel or CO2 Fraxel, to quicken the healing process. It brings oxygen to the skin, is aloe based, has a physical block sunscreen AND is a makeup. My thinking is, if I can get 3 things in one product…well, count me in! It takes just a small amount to tone down the redness in my skin and doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup at all. Love it!

My favorite “Go-To” service is the Jewel Peel.

When I have no time for downtime, but still want my skin to have “that glow”, this is an easy, quick way to get it. The Jewel Peel combines a  light exfoliating peel, whose main ingredient is green tea extract along with kojic, lactic and glycolic acids, followed by  a moisturizing/ neutralizing mask that is organic aloe based. Then, to finish, a serum that has marine collagen and more green tea extract. It tightens and brightens to boot! I can go out to meet people immediately after looking fresh and glowing. 

Kaisa Marshall is a licensed Medical Aesthetician with advanced training in medical grade peels, dermaplaning and microneedling. She is certified with many peel lines including Vi, Perfect and Skin Medica. Kaisa is also certified with top skincare lines such as Obagi, PCA and Skinceuticals. Her specialty lies in designing an individualized program for each client that brings out the best in their appearance as well as their overall skin health.


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