Skin NV Father’s Day Gift Guide

Who says that having good skin and no wrinkles is only important for women ? Don’t forget about that special man in your life! There are many treatments and products available for men today that don’t require surgery and have minimal downtime (and no one will ever have to know!) Cosmetic treatments for men are up 25% since 2013 according to Washington (D.C.) based dermatologist Dr. Terrence Keaney.

Here are a few treatments and products that we recommend for Father’s Day this month:

 One of the most important daily skincare products that you can apply, and often the most forgotten. Not only are you putting yourself at a higher risk for skin cancer, but your skin will also age at a faster rate than someone who is diligent with their sun protection. Our favorites for Dad: Clear Choice & Elta MD and MD Solar Sciences (now carrying MD Solar Sciences Protection Pros that includes a mineral cream and dry body spray. Only $55.00)

MOISTURIZER: PriyanaMD Hylasilk is the perfect moisturizer for tougher male skin or freshly shaved skin. Not too heavy, and goes on very smooth without an oily/greasy feeling.

CLEANSER: LifeLine Skin Brightening Wash. Cleanses and brightens skin without drying.

These neuromodulators help to reduce forehead, frown and crows feet lines. Often called the “lunchtime” treatment, Botox is a quick, easy and painless injection that lasts for up to 4 months. Patients look refreshed without looking “done”. Great way to erase all of those lines and wrinkles that have appeared on Dad’s face over the years!

injectable men

Dermal Fillers: More men are looking to fill in the lines on their face, or fill the hollows of they eyes (tear troughs). Dermal fillers are a long lasting solution to fill in deep folds, smile lines, smokers lines and Radiesse has just been FDA approved to rejuvenate hands.

Kybella: A newly FDA approved non-surgical injectable used to get rid of unwanted chin fat, an area on the neck that many men have issues with which is caused by weight gain and often times caused by genetic predisposition.  Minimal discomfort and downtime, this simple injection eliminates fat permanently.

ASK US ABOUT OUR SUMMER SPECIALS! Make this Father’s Day extra special with a gift from Skin NV! 




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