DIY Make-Up Tips

We all wish we could have someone to do our make-up every morning so that we can look red carpet ready all the time, but the reality is that we usually have to make that magic happen ourselves! Here are a few, easy Do-It-Yourself tips on how to make yourself look and feel beautiful with what you have in your own home!

Coconut Oil For Sensitive Eyes: 
Warm a small amount of oil between finger tips, in a circular motion gently wipe off eye makeup & mascara. You will feel mascara lift off the lashes. Using a damp cotton pad remove remaining oil & makeup. Lashes and the skin will feel soft & hydrated without any irritation to sensitive eyes.

Mascara Magic:
To give the appearance of larger, and more lifted eyes, apply mascara in a downward motion. Do this only on the top lash line and it will give the lashes a fuller more volumized appearance. Using Latisse or getting our lash extensions will also give your lashes that extra length and boost to look younger and more refreshed.

How To Have Kissable Lips:
Use a damp toothbrush to gently exfoliate dry lips and it will give you a smoother, fuller appearance especially when using a bright lip color. Apply your lip liner after you apply lipstick, you won’t be left with that dark, unattractive lip liner ring after the lipstick wears off.

Get Your Blue On:
Using a Cobalt Blue or Navy eyeliner will brighten the eyes and make the whites of the eyes appear whiter. Use a light eye shadow (cream, white) in the corner of your eyes and below your lower lashes for an even brighter look.


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