Injectables: Not Just For Women Anymore

Women aren’t the only ones concerned about wrinkles! According to a new study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of men getting Botox injections, has skyrocketed 258 percent over the past decade or so.  This new found popularity applies to Dermal Fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Radiesse and the latest treatment for double chins, Kybella, as well.

Why the shift?  Well, metrosexuality and a quick fix with minimal downtime is a definite factor, but the economy is now playing a role as well. “Men feel increasingly pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market,” says Dr. Whitney Bowe. The perception is that the younger men have a better competitive edge in the workplace, so men are now more interested in looking and feeling younger; there is also less of a stigma attached to cosmetic injectables today than 3-5 years ago.

With any cosmetic treatments, always do your research and only get injected by certified and trained professionals. Dosing always varies, and men in particular take a different amount of Botox, as their glabellar and crows- feet areas tend to be stronger.

*All of our injectors are well trained and certified, and several are Injectable Trainers that train MD’s as well! 


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