Why Do I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Do you have dark circles under your eyes, and feel like you look tired all the time? We asked our very own Kaisa Marshall, Medical Aesthetician, what she recommends. 

“We get a lot of questions about dark circles under the eye. Why do we get them? And can anything be done? The cure depends on the cause.” Here are some common ones:

Cause: Becoming more experienced in life

That’s right, as we age, the under eye tissue becomes thinner just as we loose collagen and our cheek starts to drop. It’s a recipe for a very tired look!

Cure: Eye cream alone is not going to cut it in this case. Plasma Rich Protein, your own growth factors are injected in the area which helps thicken the skin. Thicker skin hides the superficial vessels that cause that dark circle. If your bone structure permits, a hyaluronic acid filler can also used to fill and smooth out the tear trough area. I’ve had both done and it it like a magic wand makes you look younger and rested! Just make sure you have someone who is an expert perform these procedures. I’ve seen the trainers I work with fix some very scary mishaps from people who don’t specialize in tear troughs.

Cause: Bad Habits and Allergies

Do you rub your eyes when you’re tired or thinking? Do you use waterproof mascara that requires rubbing to remove? Do you have allergies and rub your eyes when they are dry, itchy and irritated? This breaks delicate tiny capillaries that then give off a red or blue undertone, which looks dark. Not sure if this is you? Gently (!) pull the skin down, does the darkness move? If it does, then you know!

Cure: Be cognizant of not touching your face. Keep you eye and under eye hydrated. The eye with moisturizing drops (not red reducing) and the under eye with products made for that delicate area. Use a gentle cleanser on the eye area. There are no oil glands in the skin under your eyes, so it requires moisture. I like one with a growth factor as well,because it makes the skin “act” and look younger.

Cause: Crepey, Wrinkly Skin

If, when you gently stretch the skin, the color looks lighter, you can blame wrinkly, crinkly skin. 

Cure: New breakthroughs in how collagen building peptides are delivered have made some medical grade eye creams super effective in fighting these foes. My hands down favorite for tightening lines around the eyes is Versa Lift. We know it works because Skin NV’s very own Cheri Morales helped do the scientific clinical trials! Great reviews from our patients just validate her research. Ask to see before and after pics!


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