PRIYANA MD: My Personal Skincare Journey


Not only do I work and write for Skin NV, but I am also fortunate enough to use the actual skincare products that we sell. In my long standing career of working with cosmeceuticals and injectables, I have seen and used many, many products. Like many of you, I have found certain products that work really well for certain things (cleansing, moisturizing, hyper pigmentation, pore size), but have yet to find an all encompassing product line that actually works and corrects all of my issues, and is not irritating to my skin.

I am a busy mom and career woman, so the thought of any skincare regimen that takes more than five minutes doesn’t appeal to me. I know I will not be consistent in my use and will end up frustrated. This was before I tried the PRIYANA MD line. I was very skeptical when I started using these new products -how was this skincare going to be different than what I have been using for years? I am now a believer!

I start every morning using the VersaCleanse Brightening Foaming Cleanser. It’s just a cleanser, big deal, right? Wrong. Though this cleanser is very gentle on my sensitive skin, I definitely started noticing a change in my tone, texture and my skin was actually brighter! It’s got a unique blend of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Green tea and Aloe – just enough to work but not too much to irritate my skin. The other benefit: this wash is suitable for older skin, oily skin and acne prone skin! I LOVE the way it feels after washing. My skin feels really clean, but not dry.

Moisturizing: I use both of these products after I cleanse my skin. This line has two unique moisturizers: HylaSilk (concentrated Hylauronic Acid+Peptides+Niacinamide serum that is so nutrient rich that it not only restores hydration, but also improves skin tone and texture) and Damage Control (Vitamin C+DNA Moisturizing cream that fights free radicals and, get this, actually repairs DNA damage to your skin at a cellular level). I have had bouts of Rosacea my whole adult life – I found out that when you use these two products together, they actually help to fight Rosacea, too. I have been using them together for the past 6 weeks and can honestly say that this is true! How cool is that?

Eye Cream: Now here is where I needed the extra convincing. I have never used an eye cream, as I typically get Botox injected into my “crows feet” and have never felt the need to use anything additional. Well, at 42 I can say that I stand corrected. Eye cream is not just important, it’s VITAL to anti-aging. Your eyes tell all. The first thing I look at in the morning now is whether or not my eyes look “puffy”, if I have dark circles from a bad night’s sleep or if the wrinkles around my eyes from smiling and squinting are coming back because my Botox has worn off. Thankfully, in my new regimen there is also an eye cream: VersaLift Eye Restore+Lifting Cream. I apply this cream to my eyes after I wash and moisturize. I put it under my eyes and dab a small circle around my entire eye as well. This product also has Hylauronic acid, aloe and green tea which helps any inflammation or puffiness and improves the elasticity – helping to firm up the eye area. Additionally, it has Licorice Root Extract which actually helps to lighten the skin and helps with those pesky dark circles. I have been consistently using it and have started to notice a difference – I also love the way it feels when I put it on – very soothing.

So, it may seem like a lot of steps, but it basically takes me 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening to complete my regimen. I only use the HylaSilk and Damage Control together at night for extra moisturizing and my Rosacea, so my morning routine is very simple and quick. I am very happy that I found something that works for my skin and my lifestyle – and that has changed the way I think about Eye Cream!

About the Author:
Vanessa Schadt is a Marketing and HR Consultant for VS Marketing Solutions, and has over 12 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic field. 


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