In this day and age, women want to look like the very best version of themselves (not overly done, plumped or pinched). How can this be achieved?

For starters, make sure you are using the proper skincare. Over-the-counter products may be cheaper, but they often clog your skin and cause more damage than good because of their comedogenic ingredients. Medical grade skincare is used with clinically tested ingredients and best results occur when used under the supervision of your medical provider or aesthetician.

Now for the good stuff. Injectables! Unfortunately, many have gotten a bad reputation over the past decade. This is due to poorly trained providers and, in some instances, product deficiencies. That was then, this is now. The “old thinking” has now been replaced with “new thinking” and new uses for anti-aging treatments.

Then: Feared as “poison” and a product that paralyzes and immobilizes your forehead
Now: Providers use Botox all over the face (forehead, crows-feet, brows) and now use it off-label for neck lines, gummy smiles, and even to help droopy noses.

As a newer neurotoxin in the marketplace, many thought that the product was inferior to names like Botox.
Now: According to world renowned dermatologist, Fred Brandt, “Dysport widely under the skin, which some doctors prefer for targeting larger regions, like the eye area. And for a small number of patients who develop a resistance to Botox, Brandt finds Dysport is a handy backup.”

Patients worry that they’ll get small bumps or lumps in the areas that these hyaluronic acid fillers are injected, especially when injected too close to the surface. This typically only happens when the injector is inexperienced.
Now: Both products are used to fill the “tear troughs” or hollows under the eyes and the deep folds and creases that run from the edge of the nose to the lips, and the fine “lip lines” that occur from smoking or pursing lips over time.

Because this product was only approved in the last two years, there really is no old thinking. This thick hyaluronic acid gel is used for plumping the cheek area and lifting the upper face.
Now: In the past two years, doctors have gotten creative with this new product. It’s been used to fill sunken temples and the area in front of the ear. The other benefit to this product, is that it’s FDA approved to last up to two years!

Then: Early in the day when Sculptra was first brought into the marketplace, there were complaints that Sculptra could cause permanent bumps. This was due largely in part to the original dosing guidelines.
Now: Today, we have seen studies that have shown that Sculptra actually promotes collagen growth in both the temples, and the nasolabial folds.

Belotero was the first “fine line” hyaluronic acid. It doesn’t have lidocaine, so it was said to be a bit uncomfortable. It was also questionable as to how long it lasts once injected.
Now: Providers can mix lidocaine upon injection, which makes it virtually painless. It’s also used in more areas than before (edge of lips, smokers’ lines, and tear troughs). It has been known to last up to 6 months as well.


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