Whether the winter months were particularly harsh on your skin, or you have been enjoying a few sun-kissed vacations, it’s probably time to do a little “Spring Cleaning” with your skincare products and your daily regimen. It’s never too late to revive your skin, and you will likely see best results with little regimen tweaks rather than trying to do a complete 180.

We Recommend: A Microneedle Roller

This relatively new and safe tool opens up tiny channels in the skin and allows your skincare products to better penetrate and work faster! This procedure is typically performed by an experienced aesthetician or medical provider, though there are over-the-counter options available as well.


We Recommend: A Brightening Regimen

After harsh winter months, your skin can collect dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull. Using a product like our Lifeline Dual Action Exfoliator will help to get rid of the dead skin, even out your pigment and give you a refreshed “glow”.


We Recommend: Dual Action

Dehydrated skin will make your wrinkles look a lot more obvious, so it’s very important to keep skin hydrated. Even if you are already using an “anti-oxidant” serum during the day, you may want to add an additional “anti-aging” serum in the evening. We love Lifeline Recovery Night Serum and Regenica Replenishing Cream.


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