Super Selfie: How To Look Pretty In Pictures

In our “selfie”powered culture, it’s even more important to know how to look fabulous in every picture you are in. Especially when you are posting that picture on 4-5 different social media sites. Admit it, we all love it when our pictures turn out well, but how can we get it near perfect every time? Here are a few tips on how to look and feel great in every shot:

Head to Toe: You hair is especially important in pictures because photos can highlight frizz – especially if your hair is in a pony or pulled back. A little serum, like Moroccan oil or another styling type of gel will combat those flyaway hairs. Always start at the top near your hairline and work your way down – the top is where the frizz starts, and (sigh), those pesky, wiry grey hairs, too.  Be careful not to over-do it! You don’t want it to look too shiny or greasy, either – especially in outdoor photos.

Perfect Your Skin Tone: We all have those days where our skin is just a bit too shiny, or maybe a bit red in certain areas (because we just couldn’t resist picking!). Both will magnify in a picture, so before you take your shot, make sure you are using a good calming agent on your skin (preferably a product that is a “redness reducer”; the best products and primers are typically green in tint and color.)

Make-Up “Do’s and Dont’s”: Stand out in your pictures for the right reasons, not because your make-up enters the room before you do. Smoky and dark eyes are fun for a night out, but they can also make your eyes look smaller in a photo. The solution? Light, neutral colors on the eyes – even some sparkle! The flash will pick up that light and your eyes will look bigger. Celebrity trick: close your eyes until the picture is just about to be taken and then open them wide right before. You will look refreshed and paparazzi ready! Feeling a little shiny? A touch of translucent mineral or regular powder should do the trick – but just a quick sweep of the brush to avoid looking too pale or chalky.

Thank God For Gloss: Whenever in doubt, grab your favorite lip gloss! Just a dab can go a long way and make your lips look shiny and beautiful for any photo, especially if your lipstick or lip stain has started to fade. It can boost your original color in seconds to give you that natural, effortless look.

Strike A Pose: As they say, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile!” Everyone looks best when they are happy and showing off a genuine smile, unless you are going for the more pouty and serious look in your selfies. Either way, keep those eyes open wide and take your shots from above. The new genius creation of the “selfie stick” will make any picture look incredible – all the pictures are taken at an above angle which is definitely more flattering than a close-up (it will make your neck look longer and will lessen that double chin!) It works especially well in group shots.

If all else fails, take your pictures at dusk. Lighting truly is everything, and if you don’t have actual paparazzi and expensive photographers at your disposal, then you can create a beautiful shot just before sunset – the soft light is great for pictures!

Need a little extra pick-me up? Skin NV offers lash extensions, injectables and can customize a skincare regimen for you so that you are always “photo ready”.


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