Happy New Year: Be The Best YOU Ever

The New Year is a great time to start over. You didn’t exercise like you should have in 2014? You can start now. You didn’t eat the way you should have last year? No problem. It’s 2015, start a new diet! It’s that easy.

The same applies to your skincare regimen. It can be hard to be consistent when it comes to washing your face, moisturizing, seeing your dermatologist regularly, or getting your micropeels, facials and Botox every few months. Again, it’s a New Year! Why not make this year the year to be the best YOU ever? Start by doing one small thing every day: clean the germs off of your cell phone to avoid break-outs, drink more water, take a probiotic everyday, make an appointment with your favorite SKIN NV provider and get your Botox and facials regularly, update your skincare products (you will be amazed how many are well past their prime) so that you are using the appropriate products for you skin type, get more sleep, and start exfoliating (just to name a few).

You will be amazed at how making one small change daily can impact your overall health, well-being and skin! If you are unsure what products to use, or what injectable treatment would give you the best results, call SKIN NV and make an appointment for a FREE consultation. The SKIN NV staff are knowledgeable, well trained and happy to help you with your 2015 skincare resolutions!


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