The Importance of Natural Results

By now, most of us have seen the latest reports on Renee Zellweger’s facial “transformation”. Everyone can agree that, yes, she looks different, but what has she done to look like a completely different person? The jury is still out. Some speculate that she had plastic surgery around her eyes, other doctors have weighed in that she is using more dermal fillers or Botox, she herself defends that she is just “healthier” today than she was 10-15 years ago. Bloggers all over have given their 2 cents as to whether the new look is favorable or not.

The bottom line is this: If you are going to have any work done on your face, make sure it looks natural. The reason her “new” look made news is because she doesn’t look like the actress that we all know and love. She claims to love the way she looks, and that is all that matters, but in general, most women want results that make them look like a better, more refreshed version of themselves. We have seen other Hollywood starlets (Meg Ryan, and Lisa Marie Presley to name a couple) morph their faces as well, and unfortunately it has given many safe, effective treatments like Botox cosmetic and dermal fillers a bad name.

When considering any type of plastic surgery, injectables, lasers or other cosmetic treatments, make sure you are working with an experienced provider. Skin NV is very fortunate to have multiple National Injector Trainers on hand that will consult with you on what treatments would work best for you, and will ensure that your treatments achieve the natural results you are looking for. You can have natural looking, fuller lips, less wrinkles, better skin texture and more contoured cheekbones – and still look like YOU, just a more refreshed and youthful version!


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