Botox Cosmetic: Not Just For Women Anymore!

Women have been enjoying the anti-wrinkle benefits of Botox Cosmetic for over 10 years now. In fact, 5 million women received injectables last year. (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgery) With it’s rise in popularity, it’s no surprise that men are also turning to this anti-aging injectable. In recent years, “Bro-tox” has become more and more common.

Why now?

Dr. Scot Glasberg, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, said that “the financial meltdown has also played a significant role in the rise of men coming in, especially since most of the patients he’s seeing are in their 40s or 50s. With the slowdown in 2008, there’s been an element of wanting to look a little younger to get a job more easily,” he said. “First impressions are everything in an interview.”

Not surprising, seeing that older men and women have had a much harder time getting jobs since the recession.

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