Can Clear Touch Lite Phototherapy System Reduce or Eliminate Acne?

Contrary to popular belief, approximately 20% of all adults experience various degrees of acne. And, although it is considered primarily a teenage problem, it can affect anyone at any age. In addition, acne treatments account for approximately 30% of all dermatology visits. Moreover, more than $5 billion is spent on topical preparations, oral medications, and other acne treatments in the United States, each year.

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when an overabundance of oil and dead skin cells clog your pores, causing an outbreak of pimples, skin nodules, blackheads, whiteheads, and/or scaly red skin. Thankfully, the FDA-approved ClearTouch Lite Acne Phototherapy System is available to help fight active acne. It is a professional-level, acne treatment that can be used at home and/or at a spa or salon. This acne treatment uses a unique combination of light and heat energy (LHE) to reduce acne lesions in less time than most traditional acne treatments.

ClearTouch Lite uses red and green lights to penetrate the lower layers of your skin, and initiate a reaction that destroys acne at its root. The heat opens up your clogged pores, and eases cellular inflammation. In others, words, ClearTouch Lite uses heat energy to kill acne-causing bacteria, and reduce skin and sebaceous gland inflammation. This product has proven effective in reducing acne within two weeks of use. In fact, almost all ClearTouch Lite users experience noticeable improvement (i.e. a reduction of acne scars) after the first treatment.

To achieve maximum results, it is important to commit to at least eight treatments, over a 4-week period. It has been endorsed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians (skin specialists) for its safety, and as alternative option to harsh drugs and invasive surgical procedures. ClearTouch Lite can give your clear, acne-free skin in a mere 30 days! It typically costs between $70.00 and $100.00. If you are wondering if ClearTouch Lite Phototherapy System can reduce or eliminate acne – the answer is YES!

How Does This Product Work?

ClearTouch Lite reduces acne by triggering a photothermal skin reaction by delivering direct heat (i.e. red and green light energy) to your acne-prone skin. This heat releases oxygen that destroys P. acnes bacteria, reduces skin cell and gland inflammation, and accelerates the healing process. Each ClearTouch Lite treatment includes: facial cleansing, facial steaming, and an ultra-sonic skin spatula to apply the rejuvenating serum.

What are the Benefits?

ClearTouch Lite not only helps reduce acne, it also lowers your risk of future outbreaks. Its use of a broad spectrum light helps reach deep inside of your pores. Moreover, the green light helps trigger your body’s natural defense against acne outbreaks. The red light, on the other hand, helps ease itchy, tender, and inflamed skin.

ClearTouch Lite Phototherapy Systems provides the following anti-acne benefits:

  • Noticeable results (supported by numerous research studies)
  • A 100% natural alternative to other traditional acne treatments (i.e. additional medications are not required)
  • Both safe & effective (no side-effects have been reported)
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Reduces inflammation (your skin feels and looks better)


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