Botox or Xeomin or Dysport – Your Best Option

Most women develop sagging skin and wrinkles with age. While some over-the-counter creams and lotions offer temporary relief and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they do not prevent or treat them. Many women have relied on Botox to restore the appearance of their skin. However, two new products known as Xeomin and Dysport have gained immense popularity in recent times.

All three drugs are similar in many ways. They contain botulinum toxin type A in acceptable levels. They are injected into the skin in an outpatient procedure. Botox and Xeomin produce results within seven days and the effect lasts for nine months. Dysport, on the other hand, produces quicker results and lasts for three to six months. Dysport is more powerful when compared to Xeomin and Botox. However, Xeomin is the least expensive option.

Botox and Dysport produce similar side effects. Xeomin, however, is more pure. It does not contain additives for stabilization. Hence, patient’s body may not produce antibodies that lead to unwanted allergic reactions at the site of the infection. Dysport has other issues. It spreads far from the actual site of injection. Hence, it may not be effective in treating crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes.

You should always rely on an experienced and qualified dermatologist to inject these drugs. Apart from using sterile instruments in a clean environment, your doctor will also discuss the pros and cons of each drug during the visit. You can learn more about the procedure online and discuss with friends and family members.

Wrinkles and fine lines can have a detrimental impact in your appearance. They can also impact your self-esteem. There are several innovative solutions in the market. Botox, Xeomin and Dysport are very popular. Take time to choose a chemical that will work best for you and produce the desired results.


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