Can Oxygen Facial Treatments Help with My Acne?

Propionibacterium is a type of bacteria that causes facial acne. The best way to eliminate this bacterium is to assault it with oxygen. In other words, bacteria, like Propionibacterium, thrive in oxygen-deprived environments. Acne typically occurs when one or more of your skin pores become clogged. In order for acne treatments to be effective, they must successfully kill the bacteria. Although often overlooked, oxygen treatments have the ability to not only treat acne; but also accelerate the healing process. When you introduce acne to oxygen – it destroys Propionibacterium and improves the appearance of your skin. In fact, oxygen facial treatments are increasing in popularity and have recently been touted as the new “fountain of youth.”

These facials are performed at dermatologist and plastic surgeon offices and at spas. During the procedure, a cosmetic treatment professional, sprays pressurized, oxygen-based moisturizers on your skin. Next, he or she applies an oxygen-infused mask to your face. The mask typically stays on for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. After that, your cosmetic treatment professional exfoliates your skin and applies oxygen-based lotions to your revitalized skin. Oxygen facial treatments can cost between $65.00 and $150.00 for a 1 hour session. If you are wondering if oxygen facial treatments can help with your acne – you have come to the right place. This article can you decide if oxygen facial treatments are best for you!


How does oxygen help with acne? Well, oxygen kills the acne-causing bacteria by damaging and destroying the membrane of the infected cell. The material within the acne-based cell then leaks out and your skin heals. Oxygen also reduces acne-based inflammation, commonly associated with acne. Moreover, oxygen stimulates collagen and elastin production, delays the aging process, helps form blood vessels and prevents harmful bacteria from reproducing and forming new pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.


How is oxygen facial treatments applied? Well, “moist” oxygen is applied to your skin with a nebulizer. Then, a pressurized oxygen-infused mask is applied to your face. Your cosmetic treatment professional then washes and/or moisturizers your skin with oxygen-based cleansers, creams and serums. He or she may apply oxygen-based benzoyl peroxide lotions, ointments or creams to your skin to help reduce the acne and accelerate healing. Your cosmetic treatment specialist may also treat your acne with a blue LED light, a process that releases oxygen into your skin.


What will happen during the oxygen facial treatment? Well, a cosmetic treatment professional will exfoliate your skin (i.e. remove dead and damaged skin cells) with a chemical facial peel or laser microdermabrasion. Then, he or she will apply an intense, hydrating moisturizer to the inner and deeper layers of your skin. You will need this moisturizer because oxygen can dry your skin. Vitamin-rich oxygen, either in the form of a mist or a light gas, will be pushed into the pores of your skin. Lastly, your cosmetic treatment specialist will cleanse your skin with a lactic or salicylic-based, gentle cleanser.


What benefits are associated with oxygen facial treatments when it comes to acne? Well, oxygen facial treatments are safe, painless and non-invasive. Oxygen not only reduces oxygen and kills harmful bacteria; it also regenerates cells, aids in the healing process and improves the appearance, texture and tone of your skin. Moreover, oxygen has the ability to heal bruises and acne scars. Oxygen facial treatments are especially good, if you have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate other facial peels. In addition, oxygen facial treatments are highly effective when treating skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Overall, these treatments can increase skin circulation, providing you with a healthy, youthful glow.


Is there any maintenance required, following the treatment? It depends, you may be able to resolve your acne issues with just one treatment, but if you have severe acne, you may have to begin with at least three oxygen treatments a week. The 2nd week, you may only need two oxygen treatments and the 3rd week and so on, you may only need one treatment a week – until the acne is gone and you have your desired outcome. Mild acne may only require a once-a-week oxygen facial treatment. If you opt for the blue, LED light treatment, you may have to use the machine approximately 30 minutes a day – until the acne subsides.

So, to answer your question, yes, oxygen facial treatments can be used to treat your acne. Before scheduling your oxygen facial treatment – contact your dermatologist.


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