Take Off Those Last Stubborn Inches With i-Lipo

Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise are the staples of a lean, fit body. However there are times when even with the most stringent health routine that those last few pounds and inches seem impossible to budge. With i-Lipo, you can have the extra help you need to target problem areas and lose those last inches faster and easier than with diet and exercise alone.

How i-Lipo Treatments Work To Promote Targeted Fat Cell Release
To lose fat, we must get our bodies to use stored fat as energy either by eating less or burning off more calories than we consume. However, even when we eat less and burn more calories through exercise, the fat we lose is not always from the areas we want. Targeted exercises tighten the muscles in those areas but do not necessarily burn the fat that is covering the muscles. This is where i-Lipo can create amazing results.

With i-Lipo treatments, a low-level laser stimulates the target problem areas and essentially tricks the fat cells into releasing the fat stored as useable energy. This changes stored fat into water, triglycerides and glycerol that your body can use. Once the treatment is performed, this energy must be used through aerobic exercise within two hours of the treatment, ensuring that it is not restored as fat in the body.

No Surgery, Pain Or Needles Needed
Using i-Lipo treatments to facilitate fat loss is painless, with no surgery required. Treatments are scheduled in courses of eight, generally two times per week. There is no measurable down time for the treatments, with most appointments lasting for less than an hour. Each treatment will begin to melt away the fat in your problem areas, targeting the exact spots you want to reduce in size. Some of the benefits to using i-Lipo over dieting and exercising alone:

  • Targeted fat loss. Lose fat from specific areas such as thighs, stomach or buttocks.
  • Body contouring. Use i-Lipo to contour your bodies shape and enhance the appearance of muscle tone.
  • Fast results. Each treatment will release fat deposits to be immediately burned after your appointment.
  • Pain-free. Whoever said “no pain, no gain” had not tried i-Lipo! This is the pain-free way to bolster fat loss and reduce inches on your body.

If you have struggled to lose those last 10 pounds or need to fit into that special outfit fast, i-Lipo is the quick solution to fat loss. This is the perfect treatment for anyone with a big occasion like a wedding or graduation coming soon or those who just want to be ready for the beach. To schedule your i-Lipo consultation, give us a call today at either our South Tampa or Lakewood Ranch locations!


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