Make Your Eyes Pop With Lash Extensions

Nothing frames your beautiful eyes better than dark, full, long lashes. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with naturally long, curled lashes. While you can use false lashes that have been used for decades, these often require you glue and adhere them daily, which takes time, patience and talent! These daily applications can also fall off at the most inopportune times and become loose or clumped when they get wet. A better, longer-lasting solution is quality lash extensions.

Get Natural Looking Lashes With Professional Extensions
The big difference between false lashes you use at home at those we apply here at Skin NV is the material and how they are applied. We use Lavish Lashes® which are individual lashes that are attached one-by-one to your existing lashes. These are lightweight and are painlessly applied, leaving you with lashes that are waterproof, perfectly positioned and impossibly gorgeous!

Celebrities have been using these imitation lash extensions for years, giving the impression that they were born with those incredible eyes or have a stylist apply them every day. The fact is that anyone can have those beautiful long lashes and they can last for weeks! Some of the benefits of treating yourself to lash extensions include:

  • Wake up with long, dark lashes. Lash extensions give you amazing eyes from the moment they flutter open each morning.
  • No more mascara or curlers. There is no needed for clumpy mascara or painful eyelash curlers with extensions.
  • Get the look you want, when you want it. Want over-the-top eyelashes for an event or natural looking lashes for everyday wear? Choose the length and look you want, when you want it!
  • Dive in! Want to head to the beach or pool and know your eyes will look amazing when you come up for air from a swim? Lash extensions are waterproof and will keep your eyes popping even when wet.

Once you try Lavish Lashes® applied by our professional make-up specialists, you will want to throw away your old falsies, mascara and eyelash curlers for this incredible new look. Get a full set or just strategically add separate lashes to enhance your natural look. Most people try lash extensions for a special event like a wedding, prom or graduation, then keep coming back once they realize how great they look every day. Call us today to schedule your appointment to get the lashes you have always wanted!


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