Why Do I have Acne? How Do I Treat It?

Image Courtesy Of: Torveney.net

Image Courtesy Of: Torveney.net

Unfortunately, acne does not discriminate! As long as a healthy amount of icky bacteria build-up and clogged pores, you can bet that acne will be at the party.

If you notice the appearance of acne on your skin, don’t feel bad. A quarter of women ages 33-55 have acne. That’s right, it doesn’t just haunt teenage girls. Woman of all ages should understand why acne occurs and what the most effective treatment to combat it is.

Usually, adult acne is a result of a hormonal imbalance. The good news? This means adult acne is usually a cyclical process and flares during premenstrual periods or at times of increased stress. The areas where this commonly occurs is along the jaw, chin and neck, which is different from teenage acne known for being spread across any area of the face.

To combat acne in adults who are either pre- or perimenopausal, oral birth control is the first box to check. Oral birth control can even out hormone levels and decrease the amount of testosterone released by the ovaries. Once this hormonal cause is ruled out, adult acne treatments should focus on the killing of bacteria and the continual cleaning out pores.

Topical, prescription-grade exfoliants are the most effective options because they accelerate the sloughing off dead skin cells and reduce bacteria build up. If you want to go the extra mile above and beyond the effects of topical exfoliants, consider a strong glycolic or salicyclic acid peel which are also effective ways to deep-clean pores and kill of nasty bacteria build-up.  Give us a call at Skin NV today and schedule your glycolic, or salicyclic acid peel and see the instant results of smoother, acne-free skin!



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