30’s Top Priority: Brighten and Even Skin-tone!

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Letting dead cells linger on your skin dims your complexion immensely. Slough off dead skin cells with a cleansing brush and anti-redness cleanser. Rejuvenating your skin and freeing it of suffocating dead cells is the best thing you can do to keep looking radiant. Additionally, consider applying a night cream with peptides. This further promotes the production of new, undamaged cells.


Image courtesy of: shelookbook.com

What’s more? In your 30’s you could be battling dark under eye circles that detract from your goals of a bright and even skin-tone. Leave those under eye bags at the door by purchasing a caffeine-spiked gel. This will temporarily constrict blood vessels to diminish dark skin. To fade melasma and other discoloration, treat with a brightening serum. Natural lighteners, such as yeast, are the least irritating.

Are you in your 30’s? Do you have any special beauty routines that you find helpful? Feel free to share in the comments space below!



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