20’s Top Priority: Fight Breakouts!

Less is truly more when it comes to balancing your skin and preventing nasty breakouts. Toss out the harsh scrubs that are toxic to your skin. A gentle, mild cleanser and light weight hydrator with SPF 15 or higher is enough to restore your skin’s natural oil-production cycle. This will minimize unwanted flare-ups and help you avoid breakouts. Take your breakout prevention one step further and apply an oil-free moisturizer infused with salicylic acid before bed.

acne-preventionIf nature is giving you a blemish battle, don’t stress – it happens! Simply spot-treat with any blemish buster that has up to 10% benzoyl peroxide, or 5% salicylic acid. This will clear up any bad skin spots without over-drying the area. Just remember the importance of a morning, night skincare routine and spot treating problem areas when needed, and never forget the importance of sun protection! 90% of skin damage is caused by the sun. If you can commit to your skin and give it the time it deserves, it will be nice back to you! Try these blemish free tricks and let us know how your skin does in the comment box below.


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