Skin Care Reality Check!

woman with towel on the headBuying into the promise of the fountain of youth is easy to do if your goal is to obtain a younger appearance. Pharmacies, stores, spas and doctors’ offices have all done their best to make “youth” a packaged product within arm’s reach!

While keeping your discretion in your back pocket, it is possible to weave among the sea of unrealistic claims made by the majority of the beauty industry. Over the counter skin care products can help, but they won’t produce results overnight and won’t produce the drastic results in comparison to higher priced treatments and surgeries (which still have their limits!).

Physicians and trained medical staffers have skin care techniques that run the gamut. They can use lasers, intense pulsed light, radio frequency and infrared therapy, injectable fillers, Botox and prescription topical creams that erase fine lines, relax wrinkles, make tiny veins vanish, fill in folds, renew skin cells, fade age spots, even out skin color and smooth skin texture. Sounds good right? It is! As long as expectations are kept realistic! You are never going to look like you are 20 again. That is just going against nature. The most important thing to remember is that keeping your youthful complexion takes COMMITMENT.

312164_670849766263468_1979227249_nWinding the clock back five or 10 years is do-able and over the counter anti-aging products can be useful with the use of broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Your dedication to sun protection is most important and is at the basis of any great skin care results.

A $15 jar of cream isn’t going to be as effective as a prescribed, doctor administered injection for fine lines. However, there ARE good products that can be found in ALL price ranges and the more money you spend, doesn’t necessarily mean better…Contact us at Skin NV to learn more about the best products and treatments for your skin type!



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