Your Skin Loves Summer Humidity!

200014020-001You CAN make humidity work for you. We know you think humidity and immediately feel yourself deflate. Bad hair, sweaty clothing and sticky skin does not lend itself to opportune beauty moments. Hear us out, we want to reverse your thinking of humidity!

If you have dry, normal skin you can actually benefit from humidity. Consider it a natural moisturizer for your skin and lay off the heavy lotion that may be causing you to look greasy, or cause unwanted breakouts.

Think about it, we spend the winter months trying to prevent redness, dryness and itching with moisturizer, and in the summer we don’t have those issues to worry about. Skin can replenish itself in the humid weather by soaking up the moisture in the air. Being sweaty is hard to enjoy, but the humidity does make skin feel soft and hydrated.

Washing your face twice a day and using non-comedogenic cosmetic products and sunscreen won’t clog your pores, or make you look oily. So on the next hot, humid day, soak it up and make it work in your favor! Your skin will thank you for a chance to moisturize naturally.


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