Eat Vegetarian, Live Longer?

keep-calm-and-eat-vegetablesEat this, not that! Consume this serving size. Eat only this time of day. Don’t reward yourself with food. You get the point…There is a lot of eating advice out there, but few address the relationship between food and its ability to affect your risk of dying (or not).

According to recent research from Loma Linda University California who followed 73,308 members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which encourages a vegetarian diet, for almost six years found that people who eat a vegetarian diet live longer than those who eat meat. There were 12 percent fewer deaths among vegetarians over that period compared to meat-eaters.

This is some of the first research that has studied this connection on such a large group of people. More specifically, researchers found that vegetarians were less likely to die from heart disease, diabetes and kidney failure! The conclusions could indicate that perhaps the absence or reduction of meat intake lead to such results, or it could be that the consumption of certain plant foods has a protective effect.

vegetarian-dietEither way, the vegetarian diet incorporates both beneficial habits. Vegetarians also tend to be thinner. The total number of calories consumed in this study, however, didn’t appear to be linked to living longer, so no need to monitor how MUCH you eat (more than the normal healthy level) but WHAT you eat. Additionally, if you’re a man this association between a vegetarian diet and death risk is much than it is for women!

We are confronted with food choices every day and understand that some days can feel like a battle! Being knit picky about diet habits is not a way to live your life; however, incorporating a diet pattern that could potentially lengthen your life span should be something to consider. Make sure to grab some extra bags of lettuce, leafy legumes and tofu during your next grocery trip and try it out!


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