Get Amazing Lash Extension!

Get eyelash extensions that last up to a month. There will be no need to worry about glue clumps, slipping eyelashes, or looking like a caterpillar landed atop your eye. You won’t even need to worry about applying makeup in the morning!


The key to getting great imitation lashes is to request “feather light synthetic mink extensions” or “silk extensions.” Prices vary depending on whether or not you desire a full set, or specific spot placement. Either way, eyelash extensions are worth the splurge!

Many women try out lash extensions for special events, parties, weddings, graduations and more. At Skin NV we apply synthetic lashes so seamlessly and naturally that wearing them day-to-day seems like the most sensible thing to do.

Attaining long lasting lashes is not a battle if you get them done correctly. Your friends a family won’t be able to tell the difference! Many celebrities and pop culture icons wear fake lashes day-to-day but you wouldn’t necessarily know it. We can promise the same results with lash application at Skin NV. Give us a call today to set up your free consultation and we can schedule your appointment for beautifully thick, lengthy lashes.



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