iLipo: The Intelligent Alternative to Liposuction

If you are constantly berating yourself for “thunder thighs”, “stump legs”, “cottage cheese fat”, or any other unflattering feature that you feel you have, stop! Most importantly, a healthy self-image makes you instantly more attractive. There is still no denying, though, that negative self-image exists in many people’s minds and annoying trouble spots that seem impossible to eliminate with just diet and exercise exist too. You are not alone!

Our very own Jessica Bull at Skin NV has shared her experience about using iLipo, featured on the Dr. Oz Show, a laser treatment alternative to Lipo. It is a revolutionary, noninvasive device that works as effectively as Lipo in removing areas of unwanted fat without surgery and provides long term results.


Jessica is so happy with her iLipo results she wanted to share her testimony with you!

After undergoing only three out of the eight recommended treatments, Jessica has lost a whole inch. She lost the initial half inch after only the first treatment! She plans to continue with the full treatment plan of eight sessions, twice per week for 4 weeks. “iLipo is the perfect adjunct to exercise and a healthy lifestyle and has helped to
address those trouble spots that do not respond easily to diet & exercise
alone,” Jessica says.

The treatment takes about 20 minutes and yields long term results. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of iLipo, you don’t need to tamper with your diet and food intake at all. Just living a normal healthy lifestyle and including a brisk 20 minute walk, or 20 minute gym session to mobilize the fat will allow you to see the results! iLipo is revolutionary and you can get your treatment at Skin NV today at only $199 (regularly $399!) for the first treatment! Give us a call and book your iLipo treatment today!


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