Are You Causing Yourself to Look Older?

No one wants to be the cause of their own aging, but some of your day-to-day habits could be secretly aging you! Read on to find out what you can do to prevent yourself from aging any quicker.

Warm Tap Water – Warm or hot water can contain higher levels of lead than cold water and lead can damage or kill neurons, which causes the brain to shrink overtime due to damage. Memory loss can be the ultimate result of brain shrinkage and will leave you wondering where you last left the TV remote….or your car keys….or, well, you get the point. Whatever your use of tap water may be, make sure it’s cold!

Energy Drinks – We all know the health hazards of soda pop and energy drinks are no better for your healthy and worse for your teeth! The harsh enamel damaging chemicals will age you overtime due to the erosion of the pretty white surface and the exposure of dentine, the substantive yellow part of the tooth. We suggest doing away with these drinks all together, but if you must drink them use a straw instead of sipping from the can. This prevents the acids from directly contacting your bright whites!

woman-texting_300Texting – This may sound silly, but continually leaning your head forward to type out a text puts unnatural strain on your joints and muscles in your neck. Try and hold your phone at a higher level in order to avoid hunching over, or save yourself the effort and give ‘em a good ‘ol fashion phone call!

Licking the Knife, Eating Broken Chips and Sneaking Kid Food – A few hundred calories may not seem like a lot, but, licking the knife, eating broken chips and sneaking kid food all add up to pointless, un-enjoyable and unwanted calories which can add to your waistline age you prematurely. Are those small, broken bits even worth it? No! Resist the temptation to tilt the bag into your mouth and just throw it out. Put any leftovers into containers and out of sight immediately.

Forgetting Your Neck – It’s always good to follow through! Moisturizing the skin on your neck as well as your face is important because it is thinner and prone to changes in pigment, elasticity and wrinkles. When applying treatments to your face, cover your neck, too. Problem solved!

4912534_f520Brushing Wet Hair – Your hair is more vulnerable when wet and brushing it as so causes strands to break and fall out. Towel or blow dry your hair before brushing it to lessen the number of strands falling out. Round brushes and wide-tooth combs are friendlier to delicate strands. Avoid yanking your hair when you brush and try not to tie it up too severely.

Washing Your Face – But washing your face is good! Right? Too much washing your face is the #1 aging mistake and can dry out your skin making it appear duller and older. Washing your face once a day and following the few helpful tips (listed below) will do the trick.

1. Moisten your face with lukewarm water.

2. Work the cleanser all over your face, going up and into the hairline.

3. Use your fingers instead of a wash cloth.

4. Take your time and wash for at least 30 seconds to a minute.

5. Rinse and pat your skin dry with a clean towel.

Don’t be your own worst enemy by speeding up the signs of aging. We hope these few helpful hints stick with you and make you think about the small things that may be contributing to your appearance. They may seem trivial now, but every little bit adds up! Happy healthy skin is always attainable!


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