4 Factors that Help You Purchase the Perfect Sunscreen!

6090a5c62b3c8311_sunscreen.previewSummer is in full swing and you owe it to your skin to purchase the right sunscreen. Finding the right sunscreen isn’t easy though, with the massive amount of products lining the shelves it is certainly a process and is easy to get overwhelmed. We help you take it step-by-step and take the uncertainty out of sunscreen hunting. To find your “best” sunscreen you just need to follow a few simple guidelines we found from Dr.Oz, as shared below…

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends choosing a broad-spectrum product (meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB) with an SPF of at least 30. For the best protection, it should be re-applied frequently (every 1-3 hours depending on activity level) while in the sun and immediately after swimming or sweating. Once you have a broad-spectrum SPF 30, a few things come next into helping you make your big purchase!

  1. Skin Type – Dry skin types do well with a moisturizing formulation that usually have an SPF of 30. Make sure you lather it on to get the full SPF benefits. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, then oil-free, non-comedogenic  (read our blog on non-comedogenic!) products are best. A great option here is a light liquid formulation of sunscreen that can go under a mineral-based power. People with rosacea or sensitive skin should seek out a physical sunscreen as these are less reactive and irritating on the skin.
  2. Body Area – Where are you putting your sunscreen? This helps you narrow down a few things. If applying to the sensitive area of the face, a lightweight formulation specifically developed for use on the face would be the correct choice. These options are generally higher in price, but consider it as an investment against premature aging! The rest of your body is a little more understanding than your face, so a less pricey sunscreen that has good endurance while swimming or sweating is better.
  3. Kid-Friendly – Kids need physical sunscreens with zinc and titanium because they don’t irritate sensitive skin and do not rub off easily. We suggest a stick applicator for easy use, no dripping and no stinging the eyes (ouch!).
  4. Man-Friendly – Men are hairy! Hairy and sticky can be an ugly combination. If this is you, consider purchasing a gel and spray or “sport” sunscreen which are light and easy to use.

These tricks should help you select the correct sunscreen. Still have a couple in your hand? Try them both out! It’s a purchase that benefits your overall health and wellness, and sunscreen used in the summertime (if frequently enough) should be gone by the summer’s end. In addition to your new sunscreen, try to avoid the sun when it is the strongest (between 10 am and 4 pm), wear sunglasses, a hat and sun-protective clothing, and seek shade whenever possible. Safe sunning everyone!


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