Pick up Your Expectations with Noninvasive Lifting!

Physicians are reporting more consistent results in noninvasive skin tightening with newer devices and improved protocols.

laser-skin-tighteningDon’t want an entire face-lift, but hate seeing saggy skin? With new technologies developing everyday it is possible to forgo the all over face-lift and focus on tightening targeted areas you wish to improve. Whether it’s from infrared broad-based light, radio frequency, laser energy or ultrasound, noninvasive skin tightening has become fully possible and yields great results. By process of thermal injury to underlying dermal tissue (without any damage done to the epidermis!) dependable results, no pain and patient satisfaction is all possible with noninvasive lifting procedures.

Noticeable advances in skin tightening devices over the past few years have allowed for more effective protocols and better management of patient expectations. Although it may not be easy to always be on-top of the latest noninvasive skin tightening technology and techniques you need not worry, because that is why you have us at Skin NV!

Whether you choose to achieve your desired look with infrared, radio frequency or ultrasound, it is always important to consult with a certified skin physician first to determine whether or not you are a sound candidate. Generally, younger to middle-aged patients with slight laxity and wrinkles are the optimal patients for this procedure. However, more elderly patients can be seen on a case by case basis depending on the severity of the sagging and wrinkling.

skin-tightening-treatmentsGone are the days when you are forced to feel like your only option for successful results is from a face-lift! The options are plentiful and we are happy to continue to open up the doors in order for you to decide which route is ideal for you. Give us a call today and we will set up your consultation, instill you with the knowledge and steps to proceed, and get you on your way to younger, firmer, healthier looking skin!


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