What Exactly is Non-Comedogenic?

160503805Its sounds scientific and lots of companies make it sound appealing, right? So what exactly does Non-comedogenic mean and why does it matter to you?

“Non-comedogenic” refers to products or ingredients that don’t clog pores. Although this term is not officially recognized by the FDA, meaning the term can be marketed under any terms, truly Non-comedogenic cleansers are typically oil-free. This means that they enable the break down of excess oils on your skin without stripping your skin of the necessary moisture and nutrients it needs.

Non-comedogenic cleansers can contain various ingredients, some of which include:

  • Benzoyl peroxide because it kills acne-causing bacteria and does not produce additional oil in your skin.
  • Salicylic acid doesn’t kill bacteria, but it does help unclog pores without creating more oil. It dissolves excess oil in the hair follicle and cuts down on skin cells shedding and clogging pores, as stated on WebMD.
  •  Mayo Clinic says sulfur, another common ingredient of non-comedogenic products, washes away excess oil and dead skin cells. It’s even believed to break down whiteheads and blackheads
  • Mineral oil and other naturally derived ingredients are also considered to be non-comedogenic because they are gentle enough to be inoffensive to acne-prone skin.

Non-comedogenic ingredients need not be a concern for everyone and may not be helpful for everyone, but it is important to know the term so that it doesn’t deter or convince you to purchase, or refrain from certain skin care products. Skin care involves many different terms and involves ingredients that get pretty scientific! If you have any specific questions regarding skin care ingredients or other terms feel free to give us a call at Skin NV and we’d be happy to help you answer your questions.


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