Eyes Scream for Eye Cream with SPF!

298x232-eye_cream-298x232_eye_creamHaving SPF in your eye cream sounds like it could get painful, right? Being used to routinely applying sunblock away from the sensitive areas of the face, such as eyes, nose and mouth has always been a hard and fast rule. So should your eye cream have SPF? There are sunscreens especially made to protect and combat the sun’s rays for the gentler areas of our face, but what about in our day-to-day eye cream?

Eye creams containing a natural sunscreen should be an item found in your makeup bag. After all, some of the first and most noticeable signs of aging occur around the eye area, such as crow’s feet!

The delicate skin around the eyes craves special protection and support. Eye cream combined with SPF protection makes your eyes less vulnerable to sun and dryness; both accelerate the signs of aging. Give us a call at Skin NV, come in for your free consultation and let us help you evaluate the right eye cream product for your needs.

We can recommend the best places to look and brand names to purchase from, but the chances are we’ll have exactly what you need available in our own office. We enjoy helping our clients maintain their youth and attain beauty that makes them happy and keeps them returning. See what we’re all about and start seeing noticeable differences in your own skin today!



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