Can I Use Last Year’s SPF?

312164_670849766263468_1979227249_nDon’t feel bad for pulling out the bottle of sunscreen annually and wondering “Is this safe to use?” The rule of thumb is that sunscreens are designed to remain at original strength for up to three years. After three years though, they are no longer effective and will lose their protective qualities and pleasant consistency.

To help determine this, some sunscreens include an expiration date, but if you buy sunscreen that doesn’t have an expiration date a helpful tip is to write the date of purchase on the bottle! If an expiration date doesn’t exist, or you forgot to label the date of purchase and your sunscreen has been exposed to high temperatures or has obvious changes in color or consistency, then it should get tossed out!

imagesAnother mental note to make is that with using sunscreen generously and frequently, a bottle of sunscreen shouldn’t really last from one year to the next. A generous application is considered to be 1oz (the volume of a standard shot glass) to cover all parts of the body being exposed to the sun. Remember to apply sunscreen generously 20 to 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply about every two hours (more if you’re swimming or sweating!)

Practicing safe sun is so important to your skin’s health. Keeping your skin youthful, glowing and taught is within your power to maintain. With the right products, information and daily skin regimen, beautiful skin can be yours!


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