My sunscreen makes my skin look chalky…

best-facial-sunscreens-LSafe summer skin efforts are ALWAYS worth it. Therefore, having a “chalky” appearance after applying your sun protection is nothing to worry about. In fact, there is a simple scientific explanation for the chalky appearance of some sun protections.

You are using a sunblock versus a sunscreen, which blends more seamlessly. Sunscreen is chemical-based and absorbs UV rays before they become damaging to the skin. In order to still get the proper amount of protection while avoiding the “chalky” look of most sun blocks, look for one made with micronized minerals that are invisible on the skin.

Sunblock is a mineral-based SPF with zinc or titanium and completely stops rays from penetrating the skin. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the physical type, meaning the sunblock is not absorbed by the skin’s surface its ingredients reflect light, much like a mirror. Titanium dioxide is produced from titanium. In its natural state, titanium is chalky, white and highly reflective. Zinc oxide is derived from the mineral zinc to create a material that is effective at blocking the sun’s rays. When applied to the skin, zinc oxide can have a white appearance and also feel slightly heavy on the skin.

Both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are derived from chalky, reflective materials. While this is beneficial in reflecting the sun’s rays, the application of these materials can results in the white, chalky appearance. Now you know! 🙂 Do you have more questions about skin care? If so, we’d be happy to answer them at Skin NV. Give us a call, email or write us on Facebook



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