Measure Your Skin’s Health on the PH Scale!

Trust your body! If your skin shows signs of being dry, tight, or pimply then your skin’s PH balance needs help getting back to home base.

The state of your skin is directly associated with the PH balance of your skin (yes, skin gets very scientific!). Acidity and alkalinity are terms that refer to the balance in which your skin can so easily be teetering on. Skin is most content at a measure of 5.5 acidity because it best retains moisture and keeps out other irritants at this level.

How+To+Check+pH+Balance+of+Cosmetic+ProductsKeeping your PH in check does take some conscious thought. Things like washing your face too much, or wearing the wrong foundation can easily set off the PH balance of your skin by making it too dry or too oily. Your complexion will boast being smooth and centered when you’ve hit the magic PH number by utilizing PH friendly products that are specifically designed for your skin. In other words, they are free of things like soap, detergent and other ingredients that completely erode your skins precious barriers. At Skin NV we can easily supply you with products that help to naturally maintain the correct moisture levels of your skin.

Simple things to remember when wanting to keep your PH balance in check is drinking a lot of water (hello moisture!), avoiding most harsh bar soaps, staying gentle with washing your skin (no need to scrub furiously), limit the acidic products meant to “clean” your skin and always, always, always slather on the SPF! Keeping these simple things in mind will keep you balanced and having noticeably healthy and happier skin.


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