Skin Analysis Technology

Apps, apps and more apps! We are drowning in a world of apps and quickly. Whether it is for our lap tops, smart phones or tablets, you name it. For us, this matters because there are a growing number of in-office diagnostic tools to detect skin ailments, such as skin cancer.

Much discussion circles around this sort of “DIY technology” and whether or not it is truly beneficial. A recent study on smartphone apps that allow home users to upload images of their moles and skin lesions for evaluations can be seen to provide opportunity for physicians.  They are able to give their professional input about the difference between automated phone apps and professional diagnostic equipment available at professional offices, such as us at Skin NV!

This particular study consisted of researches uploading 188 photos of identified lesions (128 were benign and 60 melanomas) using four different skin analysis apps. The results? There were a range of results. The worst app only correctly identified 6.8% of melanomas as needing attention; however, a more successful app sent the images to a board-certified dermatologist and boasted an accuracy of 98.1%.

We share the belief that the smartest thing to do is skip any chance of a “grey area” and leave the apps and technology in the hands of the professionals to be sure you are receiving the correct information. If your curiosity or hands on needs are still getting the best of you, chat with your physician. They should be more than willing to show you what they are using and what you can do on your own to benefit your skin, we are at Skin NV! Check out some of the newer (and successful) technology being used for skin care today depicted below.



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