The Juicy Details of Dry Skin and How to Hydrate It…

tumblr_lvg4f330VI1qfy8tzo1_400Dry, dull skin is (yet another) unsightly part of aging and can occur from over washing, harsh environmental influence and using the wrong topical ingredients.

Cleansing the skin strips away moisture and can be very drying. For this reason, it is important to use a mild cleanser. Too much detergent, soap or alcohol throws all the skin’s PH, resulting in a lack of hydration. Additionally, ingredients containing alphahydroxy acids, glycolic and salicylic acids, and retinol can dry out skin and leave it flaky. To avoid this, use products in their purest form that are better at providing nutrients to heal and strengthen the skin. Naturally, with age, the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture is depleted. Inflammation and free radicals are partly responsible for inhibiting the skin’s ability to keep water.

So now that we know a few things to avoid that can cause dry skin, let’s discuss the more scientific explanation as to why dryness happens. Why!? Just like a beautiful flower, our skin needs the right amount of water for proper cellular functioning. Our bodies are primarily composed of water and our skin contains specific moisture barrier molecules that are responsible for trapping this delectable H20! These molecules are the ones guilty of disappearing as we age and directly affect the quality of the skin. This results in dehydration of the skin cells, which paralyzes them in functioning at their full potential.

Our skin is made up of different layers and each have a specific role in maintaining moisture:

  • The Epidermis: This is the outer layer that is responsible for protecting the skin and its underlying layers. The most outer layer (dead skin cells) attracts and pulls in water from outside sources and locks it in. The next layer directly under the epidermis welcomes in the water and traps it from getting out.
  • The Dermis: This is the lower-moisture layer of skin and is a network of connective tissues that house the skin’s water. This is where fillers and collagen stimulating products are delivered.
  • The Fatty Layer: This is the layer below the epidermis that is mostly fat and is where the skin’s natural ceramides live.

Dry skin is a vice that many people, both young and old, battle with on a daily basis. It is a common skin type which have inspired many product lines to market helpful moisturizers and more. At Skin NV we can help you sift through the confusion and win the battle over your dry skin for good. We sell the products you need directly from our office and are knowledgeable with the best tips and advice such as avoiding washing with hot water, drinking enough water and refraining from the use of harsh cleansers and other ingredients. Additionally, to keep your skin soft and moisturized, apply your moisturizer after cleansing your face but before your regular skin-care products since the skin is still damp, which helps to seal in moisture. This and more can be done to aid your skin in the battle of drying out. Give us a call today, we are ready to help you!


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