Small Amounts of Loose Skin? Tighten up with Thermage!

thermage_skin_f_ab_175% of weight-loss surgery patients are not informed of the body-contouring options that are available to them, such as Thermage (available at Skin NV!).

For small amounts of loose skin, radio-frequency and collagen-stimulating treatments can be very beneficial and the better choice over invasive and costly surgery. For the most part, loose skin is accompanied by excess pockets of fat, but there are women who experience just laxity. The radio-frequency-based procedures, like Thermage, can help get rid of flabby skin. These treatments distribute radio-frequency energy at a deeper level to heat the skin so that collagen is generated for a more contoured, tighter shape. Collagen-stimulating treatments work on a more superficial level and can improve skin texture by regenerating collagen.

Crinkly, wrinkly skin may keep you from showing off your midsection, but there are a few tricks that can make the skin look seemingly better. Keeping the skin well-hydrated won’t cause it to look dry and parched. Also, using a self-tanner can camouflage the look of any crepiness and stretch marks that may be more obvious because the skin is naturally lighter in color.

Kick start rebuilding tighter skin with Thermage and aid your body in regenerating new, thicker, more elastic collagen! The new collagen furthers the skin tightening process and the result is smooth, tight skin. Take a look at the before and after photos for a better understanding of what Thermage Skin Tightening can do for you at Skin NV.


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