Help Kids Lead Healthier Lives, Today!

donorsGiving back feels good. Those warm fuzzy feelings are a bi-product of doing something good for others around you and knowing you did it selflessly to benefit someone or something other than yourself. If you agree and want to experience the euphoria of giving back then we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Let’s help public school kids live healthful lives. How? By getting teachers the resources they need to launch school gardens, to promote nutrition and fitness, and even to teach math through cooking.

Skin NV is teaming up with our favorite blog Karousing to raise as much money as we can for high poverty schools by JUNE 3. DonorsChoose is an awesome, reputable site that collects money for public school teacher’s much needed projects. ANY amount helps…$5 to whatever amount you’d like to give. Every dollar helps create a smile and ignite a spark to learn. Click here to get started!

Click here to read the inspiring Karousing blog post about lending a hand, making a difference and doing something amazing!


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