Lend a Hand to Your Hands!

CaptureWith time, the collagen or elastin fibers in the hands start breaking down, which is a first indication of aging for many people. On a daily basis, our hands experience the sun, wind, air-conditioning and general wear and tear. Just as you can retain the youthful glow on your face, there are ways to protect your hands! While hand creams and sunscreens are a good first line of defense, they are not enough…

Unlike hand creams and sunscreens, rejuvenation treatments produce dramatic results by restoring the hands to a youthful appearance. The key to success in hand rejuvenation is to decide where to start and what to address, such as smoothing aging skin, restoring volume and eliminating the skeletal look. Let us lend a hand, at Skin NV we have a number of services and treatments to combat all of these issues…

Laser resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure that fixes skin texture, fine lines and pigmentation within no time. Injecting longer-lasting fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra, can also give instant results and diminish the look of prominent veins and bones by filling the surrounding area. Lasers, peels and injectables all help to improve texture and plump up any saggy, bony or deflated areas.

In addition to seeing a Skin NV specialist, you can help your hands on your own, and stop aging before it starts by washing your hands with a high-quality cleanser and apply plenty of sunscreen and a collagen-boosting moisturizer.

Call us at Skin NV today to get your hand rejuvenation treatments started! Don’t let your hands age you any longer!


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