Belly Fat, a Heavy Issue…

belly_fatWhy Do Women Gain Weight in the Tummy with Age?

No part of fat pockets, stretch marks, loose skin or belly bloat sounds desirable. In fact, the stubborn fat that sticks around the tummy is one of the most unwelcome elements of aging and it only gets worse as we age further. Discouraging, we agree, but this blog soon picks up because we know how to help fight this plump weight of a problem!

The reason the stomach is an area that is more susceptible to weight gain with age is hormones. As women age, the production of sex hormones that come from ovaries and visceral fat declines. If the body is not getting adequate support via nutrition during this transitional time for the body, then any visceral fat compensates by increasing fat production to try to create a better hormonal balance. Fat and hormones stimulate insulin resistance and enhance the hormone that contributes to weight gain called cortisol (we hate you cortisol!), which lowers healthy hormone production (what we need) and encourages more fat (what we despise).

Get Amazing Results Like This at Skin NV with a Fraxel Treatment!

Get Amazing Results Like This at Skin NV with a Fraxel Treatment!

This is where we share the (somewhat) good news that you can still get a six-pack! We wish it were as easy as calling upon a magical abs fairy, but unfortunately, it requires dedication, motivation and persistence. The formula to get a six-pack incorporates exercise, diet, fat and muscles together to create results. It is common sense to keep total body fat on the lower side of what is normal for your height and weight, and to eat lean protein while working the core in order to maintain the right amount of muscle mass. In addition to the balance of fat and muscle composition, certain exercises and dieting rules apply. A great exercise to promote a sexy six-pack is doing a plank pose for one minute for three to five minutes a day. The dieting rule is simple, keep 15% of your daily diet as healthy fat.

As we age things to become more difficult and a little less elegant, but with a little time, encouragement and self-love all things are attainable! Beauty, poise and health are out of reach for no one. Just use common sense, listen to your body and treat yourself right and the results will come after that. At Skin NV, we promote living happy, healthy and wholesome lives. Don’t shortchange yourself, you are worth it!


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