Give It Up! Stop Smoking for Life.

mainsmoking_600x450Although it seems outside of our scope and medical practice to ward against the act of smoking, it is in our scope to educate and inform about lifestyle choices that effect and reflect in your skin. Therefore, we dedicate this blog to encourage smokers, light or heavy, to consider the damage they are doing to their skin.

In the United States, 21% of males and 17% of females are smokers. This is a considerably high number given our knowledge of the effects of smoking! The chemicals in cigarettes are bullies to the skin. A large number of chemicals including ammonia, cadmium, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, lead, mercury, nicotine and tar make a disgustingly lethal cocktail for the health of skin. The effects of these chemicals are plentiful! For as many sticks in a pack, there are cons of smoking. To name a few, smoking:

  • Reduces blood flow and circulation of oxygen
  • Breaks down collagen and elastin
  • Makes skin dry and fragile
  • Stunts skin wound healing abilities
  • Discolors and ages the skin
  • Quickens crow’s feet and lip lines due to squinting and lip pursing
  • Increases the risk of skin disorders

These are only a number of the ugly effects of cigarettes. Moreover, the smoke of cigarettes is phototoxic meaning it becomes more toxic when combined with outdoor UV light. Increased risk of disorders such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and psoriasis should be enough to ward any current or future victim of smoking.  We cannot see many of the other effects of smoking. However, the skin’s health and vitality is truly reflective of what goes into our bodies.

Quit smoking for good for yourself, friends, family and skin! You will feel and LOOK more alive and well, save money and reap the rewards. If you need further assistance with tips and tricks to quit smoking, we recommend Web MD’s article “7 tips for quitting cigarettes — no matter how many times you’ve tried before.” Give us a call at Skin NV today at 813.839.4141 and we can begin treating your skin before, after or during the time smoking has taken its effect on your skin.


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