Where, oh where did the volume go?

Have no fear, volume and definition fillers are here… 

CaptureToday’s medics and doctors have a wide selection of tools that enable them to achieve the natural looking, youthful face patient’s desire. One of the best ways that doctors are able to satisfy this desire is by the use of dermal fillers. These procedures help to create a custom look to meet the needs of each patient.

Part of the aging process is losing facial volume in the cheeks and temple area (we deflate like balloons!) Loss of volume in the upper face causes people to look older, and this is something that cannot be corrected with a facelift. That is why one of the largest trends in plastic surgery today are injectable fillers to restore lost volume and reshape a patient’s face. Even if a facelift is appropriate, doctors recommend using dermal fillers in conjunction with the procedure.

Injectable fillers such as Juvederm and Radiesse (available at Skin NV!) offer immediate results. Dermal fillers are fast acting with little to no downtime and the results last from a few months to two years! Skin NV also offers Sculptra as a dermal filler option which actually stimulates collagen production. Many find that fillers are the best way to try out facial contouring without breaking the bank and making drastic, permanent facial changes.

One of the main reasons fillers are held in high esteem by patients and doctors alike is because they can be used in small amounts, allowing greater control over results. As with many cosmetic procedures, it comes down to an even balance of art and science. Here at Skin NV, we are fortunate to have two national trainers with decades of dermal filler experience between them. Both the patient’s physical condition and desired results are all taken into account at Skin NV, as they should at any credible medical institution.

If you are ready to get the results you desire, please contact us today at 813.839.4141 to book your free consultation or filler appointment.  We are happy to help and succeed in unveiling the natural, more beautiful you!


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