Need a Raise? Get a Botox Brow lift!

brow_liftAre you seeking a quick and easy eyebrow improvement? Consider  a botox browlift. By injecting Botox into the muscles that pull the eyebrows down, the muscles are weakened, and the eyebrows are lifted.

Botox is one of the most popular anti-aging procedures performed in medical spas today. This anti-aging technique has been used safely by millions who want to smooth, firm up and restore the damage that sun, age and stress create. You are a prime candidate for a botox browlift if you have:

  • Sagging or low position of the eyebrows
  • A “hooded” eyebrow
  • Deep furrows across the forehead
  • Frown lines, or furrows, between the eyebrows

BrowliftAt Skin NV, we use botox injections for stopping crow’s-feet, the vertical frown lines between the brows, as an “injectable browlift” to slightly elevate the brow and to eliminate horizontal lines across the forehead to help the upper face look younger and more relaxed. Fillers such as Juvéderm and Radiesse can help lift the tail of the brow, while Sculptra may be used on those with deep hollowness to correct the shape.

Once your skin care specialist and you determine what areas you would like to smooth and firm, small injections are placed just under the skin. The treatment takes mere minutes and results last three to four months on average.  You can expect the results to last for a period of about three to four months. We welcome your business and questions regarding a botox browlift at Skin NV in South Tampa. You can also find us at our new location in Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota. Give us a call today!


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