Remove the Effects of Time & Skin Damage with Copper Peptides

derm_1It is time to start helping your body. What better way to do that than help your body’s largest organ? Your skin.  Stimulate collagen production, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, even out skin blotchiness, and promote skin healing all by incorporating a copper peptide-containing product you’re your skin care routine.

Many products in the skin and beauty industry contain copper peptide formulas. This is because copper peptides have become popular when caring for the skin. Why is this? Copper peptides increase collagen and elastin production!

At Skin NV, we carry Dermachromatic, which contains the effective copper peptide formula, for only $49! Copper containing products are effective at repairing and firming the skin and increase the natural tissue building processes of the body. Copper formulas can remove damaged collagen and elastin from the skin, which can work wonders on scar tissue.

Products containing copper were first developed for the medical industry because of their evident and successful results showing faster repair than any other skin care product. Copper Peptides supply nutritional copper to the skin. Without adequate copper, the skin cannot repair skin damage. Numerous studies from the USDA Nutrition Laboratories indicate that most of the persons ingest too little copper.

Start giving your body what it needs and start seeing greater results! Get your copper in Dermachromatic at Skin NV today and allow your skin to fulfill it’s true beauty potential.



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