It feels good to get it Off Your Chest with IPL, Fraxel 1927, and Sculptra!

It is time for a change of face with IPL, Fraxel 1927,  and Sculptra treatments…

imagesThe many medical treatments and procedures utilized to create noticeable facial rejuvenation are exciting; however, we can’t help but nod in agreement with many other medical doctors concern: Too often the chest area is neglected when improving the youthful appearance of skin!

Just as we blend our foundation along our jaw line and down our neck in order to camouflage subtle differences in skin tone and texture, the same is required when undergoing skin care treatments. The face, neck and chest should be thought of as one area.

The reason poor neglected chicken necks, speckled chests and wrinkled arms remain this way is because there is a lack of advice about what can be done to treat these areas. Most are familiar with facial peels, scrubs, lasers and these all exist for areas other than the face as well.

The most common procedure other than the face with the most dramatic and consistent results are the IPL and Fraxel 1927. IPL, or intense pulsed light, treats all the aforementioned neglected areas. The chest, neck, arms and legs can all benefit from IPL therapy in conjunction with Sculptra treatment in order to slow down significant signs of aging for as long as up to two years.

At Skin NV, we find this to be an effective way to combat signs of unsafe sun worshipping. Our IPL, Fraxel 1927, and Sculptra treatments are uniformly administered whether we are treating the face, neck, chest, legs, or arms in order to receive consistent and significant results. Give us a call today at 813.839.4141 and find out the benefits you can receive from IPL and Sculptra treatments!


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