Microdermabrasion or Micropeel?

You don’t have to choose…

13180295_sThere is more than one way to skin a cat. If you’re familiar with this colloquialism, then you understand that there is usually more than one way to accomplish something. When it comes to skin care and the difference between a micropeel and microdermabrasion, this is completely true!

There is only one thing that differentiates these two procedures against each other as microdermabrasion versus micropeel, methodology. A micropeel uses a scalpel to slough away damaged skin whereas microdermabrasion uses crystal or a small tool. Each method still delivers rejuvenating results to the skin and relies on controlled exfoliation to rejuvenate the skins appearance. Both microdermabrasion and micropeels have varying degrees of effectiveness and combat aging, sun exposure, acne and more!

So how can you make the choice between microdermabrasion versus micropeel? You don’t necessarily have to! Microdermabrasion and micropeels accomplish different skin care goals and can be used to treat within the same skin care plan. The appointments have to be scheduled several weeks apart to ensure that your skin has ample healing time, but no decisions need to be made because you can get the benefits of both treatments! Using microdermabrasion and micropeel treatments together can allow you to receive the greatest advantage and results when it comes to your skin.

73382It is important to decipher how deep the damage that you are concerned on treating is. As with many things, it is best to take a gradual approach and start lightly while steadily progressing deeper as you receive ongoing treatment. At Skin NV, we encourage a fee free consultation to help assist and guide you to the most advantageous skin care plan for yourself. Let us help you start remarkably slowing down the aging of your skin today! Give us a call to schedule your next appointment. 813.839.4141.


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