The Chameleon of Makeup: BB Creams

bb_cream1Can a formula promising multiple beauty benefits, extreme coverage and healthy moisture really balance it all effectively?

BB creams, short for blemish base, or “beauty balm” have risen in popularity due to their all-encompassing approach to beauty. The mentality is why worry with multiple products when a single product promises all the same results. This has beauty gurus and consumers alike wondering if it is too good to be true. A BB cream is a promised combination of:

  • moisturizer
  • primer
  • sunscreen
  • and foundation

Instead of worrying (which adds creases and wrinkles) about which order to apply these elements separately, a BB cream speeds up the process by allowing the user to apply their moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, and foundation all at once.

A BB creams general appeal is its mineral-based coverage and lightweight feel over other heavier, messier foundations. However, the question remains, can a formula promising multiple beauty benefits, extreme coverage and healthy moisture really balance it all effectively? Not only do they promise the added benefits of a speedy morning routine, by applying one cream instead of four; BB creams claim to have anti-aging properties, acne treatment, pore shrinking botanicals, hydrating components and more.

Some BB creams are simply bottled promises depending on their active ingredients. Anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, acne and oil control and sunscreen are all commonly integrated ingredients in today’s BB creams. The appealing all-in-one magical BB cream concoction may be too good to be true. The differing 3-in-1 moisturizers, sunscreens and foundations, or anti-aging and skin perfecting qualities of any given BB cream is too many tricks for one “pony”.

bb-creamThe accessibility and convenience of BB creams win out over anything among reasons why today’s busy women (and men!) are ranting and raving, but it is important to question their effectiveness. Just as putting two types of 50 SPF sunblock on simultaneously does not mean you are 100% covered, using an all-in-one product cannot effectively focus on any single skin care need.

BB creams may be spreading themselves too thin when it comes to skin care. With so many skin conditions and problems, such as acne, aging, rosacea and more you can be cutting yourself short when disregarding products specifically designed to focus on one skin care issue at a time. You’re selling yourself short by getting a product that has everything all in one. Remember, treating a skin care problem you wish to resolve requires professional medical treatment and consulting. Let us take care of your skin care needs at Skin NV today! Give us a call at 813.839.4141.


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