Xeomin is back!

xeo-introTo celebrate the return of Xeomin, we are giving a great introductory offer. Get Xeomin for $10 per unit (25-unit minimum) and receive a $50 rebate with the purchase of 50 or more units!

XEOMIN®, a prescription facial aesthetic medication, has recently launched in the U.S. It is “the latest generation neuromodulator in a purer form.” Like both Dysport and Botox, XEOMIN® temporarily improves the appearance of frown lines.

We cannot prevent frown lines from occurring, naturally as our brows express emotion the subtle folds and creases begin to show their origin and frown lines just happen! Thankfully, XEOMIN® works to aid some areas that have lost elasticity and quite literally makes your frowns disappear.

To learn more about Xeomin read a previous Skin NV blog, “GET HAPPY -XEOMIN® is here to Eliminate Frown Lines!” and see why you should give us a call at 813.839.4141 to schedule your Xeomin treatment today. We cannot wait to see you!


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