Layaway for Your Face!


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At Skin NV we know that having specialty procedures and luxurious spa treatments is an indulgence and usually not a necessity, but indulgences must be had every now and then in order for us to keep looking and feeling our best. That is why at Skin NV we are offering layaway for your face!

If there is a procedure or treatment you would like, but do not want to spend the money for it all at once, we understand! Come by Skin NV and put any amount you would like on your account to help you save. This is the smart way to shop and sensible way to indulge. Lock in our current spa services rate when you choose your treatment and procedure and make gradual payments until your account reaches the full amount of the service you wish to purchase. It is that easy!

We are excited to help you experience the lavish experiences you desire and help you see that layaways are not just applicable to dishwashers, mattresses, or other practical big ticket expenses.  Consider it your treat to yourself. Did you do a good deed? Make a payment towards treating yourself to a facial! Did you have a rough week at work? Make a payment towards your deserving chemical peel! Feeling sick and run down? Stop in and add towards your Fraxel treatment. You get the idea!

When you gradually work up to your enjoyable day with us at Skin NV you will appreciate and enjoy the time it took you to experience it.  There is no shame in layway! Call us today at 813.839.4141 or stop in to our South Tampa, or Lakewood Ranch locations to get your layaway plan started with us today.


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