Prepare Your Skin for its Spring Debut!

skincare-300x300It’s that time of the year again. Starting anew and getting organized, revitalized and ready to welcome a better you! Redefine spring-cleaning in order for it to include more than organizing your pantries and closest this year. Spring is the Season of regeneration, regrowth, and renewal. Spring is the time we should revitalize our bodies both inside and out and Skin NV wants to give you the knowledge to do so.

Dry winter weather is a bully to your skin, robbing it of beneficial moisture and refreshing air. This can leave your skin looking dull and dry, which both contribute to the wrinkling of your skin. This spring, begin with a strategy to combat the signs of this past winter and move forward successfully. One clear way to do this is by adjusting your diet. You certainly are what you eat!

  • Berries and red grapes
  • Green tea Flaxseed
  • Garlic, onions, leeks Broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cruciferous vegetables
  • Tomatoes
  • Resveratrol found in red wine

The above listed have great cancer fighting properties and other beneficial chemicals that help to balance our bodies and increase overall health. To learn more about the properties of each of these read here.

Once you have altered your spring nutritional goals, your next step is to make the change from your winter skin routine to your spring skin routine. It is important to note there should be a difference, for example, the heavy moisturizer cream used in the winter months may be too heavy for spring. Switch to a lighter, oil-free formula instead, but still pay close attention to the skin around your eyes and mouth.

Lastly, springtime means less clothing, which means the more exposure your skin is receiving from the suns damaging rays. Never leave the house without protective sunscreen. To prep your skin for its springtime debut exfoliate your skin. Begin with a gentle process and move from head to toe. Products that are papaya-based and contain alpha-hydroxy and salycilic acid compounds are the best to remove dead skin cells, and promote collagen renewal for healthy new spring skin cells.

Many of our treatments at Skin NV can help you in your venture to prepare your skin for its springtime debut. You’ll be gorgeous and glowing by the time the flowers are out in full bloom and have people asking how you manage to look so radiant. Give us a call today and schedule yourself a well-deserved spa-day, facial, chemical peel or more!


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