Say Goodbye to Product Cocktails – No More Mixing Skin Care Ingredients!

490619More is not more. As the old saying goes, less is more….and it truly is when it comes to avoiding mixing your skin care ingredients. Proper skin care requires a certain amount of knowledge about chemistry. There’s a fun statement.

We understand as fellow product junkies that it seems beneficial or even just plain fun to use everything within reach to doctor our skin 24/7. However, the truth is we are not helping ourselves. Certain ingredients do cancel each other out and so instead of getting all the benefits of each product we get none!

For example, remember to always apply the lighter product first—certain agents in heavier products can prevent the ingredients in the lighter product from reaching this skin if applied first.

More on Mixes:

  • Don’t mix copper peptides and vitamin C –  using the two together, even if they are in separate products, just cancels out the effects of both.
  • Don’t mix retinol and benzoyl peroxide – both ingredients are great for fighting acne but if they are used at the same time they simply counteract one another.
  • Don’t mix retinoids or hydroquinone with glycolic acid – once again if you mix these ingredients they become inactive.

Blending different cleansers, scrubs, serums, and sunscreens does more harm than good sometimes. Incompatible ingredients or different pH ranges can irritate skin and lead to breakouts.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your skin. Trying new things is fun and using only one product at a time is impossible. Just don’t overuse one type of ingredient or layer ingredients that counteract with each other and you’ll be in product bliss! Our best advice is keeping your routine basic. Stick to one active ingredient in the morning and another one at night. Less is more when it comes to your skin!


2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Product Cocktails – No More Mixing Skin Care Ingredients!

  1. This was so informative I just have to follow your blog from now on! Common sense and thrifty – it’s the best of all combinations, thanks for the intelligent posts.

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